atomistic theory

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(chemistry) any theory in which all matter is composed of tiny discrete finite indivisible indestructible particles

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His arguments for the existence of the atomic part presented above are in many cases repeated with slight variations to support his atomistic theory of time, motion and space/place.
In Asia Minor, Epicurus continued his study of philosophy and, in particular, he encountered Nausiphanes, a student of Democritus's atomistic theory.
I said earlier that I would assume that Avogadro had been justified in accepting his starting hypotheses (an atomistic theory of gases, the Gay-Laussac law, and equal number of molecules at a given temperature and pressure), but that this assumption was not strictly necessary to make my point.
quante quisque aetate sua manere potuerit indicates that in all probability he saw Anaximander's worlds through the prism of the Atomistic theory.
He adopted the atomistic theory of Leucippus, holding that the universe is composed of atoms that move about in space and form themselves into bodies.