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Synonyms for atomize

spray very finely


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strike at with firepower or bombs

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break up into small particles

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The airless atomising nozzles do not require an external air supply and will atomize with pressures as low as 10 psi (on water).
In addition to the standard options, Lee Products can supply these atomising nozzles with special mounting configurations and PEEK wetted materials on request.
The technique created by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association Group (CCFRA) in collaboration with BOC, involves atomising a liquid product and contacting it with a spray of liquid nitrogen.
The spray method envisaged was based on a depth of practical application experience and the very wide product choice offered by Spraying Systems' range of air atomising nozzles.
Its advanced air cap gasket design features separate atomising air and fan air lines to allow the precise setting of both droplet size and spray pattern.