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These include atomic weapons, as well chemical and biological weapons.
Summary: Rouhani says atomic weapons have not kept nuclear-armed states safe, reiterating that his country is not seeking bomb.
Western leaders suspect Iran s nuclear program is a cover to build atomic weapons, but Tehran says it is aimed only at producing electricity.
Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) on June 18 said US and other nuclear-armed powers punished Iran with the sanctions even though it did not have atomic weapons, while at the same time they backed Israel and other states which had nuclear arsenals.
North Korea has disclosed producing more arms-grade plutonium for its atomic weapons programme, a day after threatening to "go its own way" unless the US agrees to direct talks on the nuclear standoff, official media has reported.
The approach worked brilliantly during the race for an atomic weapon to defeat Hider and Hirohito, as well as for much of the Cold War that followed when the U.
But as the number of atomic weapons grew (see graph, below), nations began to discuss other ways to deal with the "nuclear threat.
In 1945, a Gallup poll immediately after the bombing found that 85% of Americans approved of using the new atomic weapon on Japanese cities.
In January 2008, Israel successfully test-fired a long-range ballistic missile, days after warning "all options" were open to prevent Iran from obtaining an atomic weapon.
Speaking after North Korea tested an atomic weapon on Monday, Ahmadinejad denied any co-operation with Pyongyang on nuclear development and criticised nations which were constructing nuclear weapons.
In the late 1940s, Teller began advocating the immediate development of a hydrogen bomb, in response to the news that Russia had built an atomic weapon.
Report: Israel has tested a computer worm believed to have sabotaged Iran's nuclear centrifuges and slowed its ability to develop an atomic weapon.
Hosting the 47-nation nuclear security summit here, Obama called for concerted global action to lock down loose nuclear materials, warning that if al Qaeda acquired an atomic weapon it would be a "catastrophe for the world.
Iran insists its nuclear programme is peaceful, but Washington accuses Tehran of covertly trying to build an atomic weapon.
She has also been responsible for leading and managing more than 50 new business proposals, such as the successful contract for Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and technology programs such as the Atomic Weapon Establishment for the Ministry of Defense in England.