atomic reactor

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a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fission to generate energy

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Therefore, there are some who point to an issue relating to the gas and oil installations on the occupied territories' coasts and also the Israeli atomic reactors in Dimona.
Israel, which is assumed to have the Middle East's only nuclear weapons, bombed Iraq's atomic reactor in 1981.
Past Israeli operations, such as the 1981 bombing of Iraq's Osirak atomic reactor and a similar sortie against Syria in 2007, suggest a strategy of one-off pinpoint raids, due both to military limitations and a desire to avoid wider war.
Also called spent or used nuclear fuel, irradiated nuclear fuel is the high-level or highly radioactive waste which results when "fresh" nuclear fuel rods become a million times more radioactive after undergoing fissioning in atomic reactor cores.
The blimp's length would be 540 feet, making it possible to locate the atomic reactor far enough away from the craft's control car to permit personnel to work in an environment comparable to that of an atomic plant.
North Korea's nuclear test blast in 2006, Iran's pursuit of potentially bomb-capable enrichment and new allegations Syria covertly tried to build an atomic reactor with North Korean help spotlight growing challenges to the treaty, analysts said.
On Wednesday, the US demanded Syria to give free access to UN nuclear investigators to sites Washington claims to have been linked to a secret atomic reactor.
BEIRUT - The six Arab Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) states have begun to take precautions against the possibility of radioactive leaks from Iran's atomic reactor of Bushehr or a military confrontation between the Shi'ite theocracy of Tehran and US-led forces across the Persian Gulf.
nuclear power reactor, the first commercial atomic reactor in the United States, President Eisenhower made a giant stride toward his goal of "Atoms for Peace" and energy independence for the country.
In 1958, Pace was 19 years old and training to be an atomic reactor operator on the Sodium Reactor Experiment.
Vanunu, 49, worked at Israel's atomic reactor in Dimona in the Negev desert between 1976 and 1985.
1947: Britain's first atomic reactor started up at Harwell.
NEW DELHI, Shawwal 3, 1434, Aug 10, 2013, SPA -- India on Saturday activated the atomic reactor onboard its first indigenously designed and built nuclear submarine, paving the way for its deployment by the navy in the next two years, AP reported.
Iran's response would accept the general framework of the agreement on fuel for Tehran's atomic reactor but will insert significant moderations into it", the state television quoted an unnamed nuclear official.
Israel bombed Iraq's atomic reactor in 1981 and, in 2007, launched a similar sortie against Syria.
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