atomic clock

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a timepiece that derives its time scale from the vibration of atoms or molecules

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Imaging spectroscopy is expected to greatly improve the precision of the JILA atomic clock, and other atomic clocks generally.
5 parts error in 10 quintillion (1 followed by 19 zeros) in about 2 hours, making it the first atomic clock to ever reach that threshold (19 zeros).
The phrase signals that the atomic clocks - that provide locational data - in the six navigation satellites are functioning normally.
Since Essen's pioneering work, the accuracy of atomic clocks has improved by a factor of 10 or so every decade.
That agency collates data from atomic clocks around the world to produce Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the international standard of time.
Lutwak joined Symmetricom in 1998 and has pioneered the effort to incorporate laser technology and modern atomic physics into fieldable high-performance atomic clocks, particularly high-performance cesium beam frequency standards and low-power cesium and rubidium gas cell oscillators.
Professor Jan Thomsen, a nuclear physicist from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, said: "We dream of getting an atomic clock with perfect precision.
However, as time-reckoning became more and more sophisticated with the invention of atomic clocks, it was found that the Earth's rotation is not that smooth after all.
At present, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures located outside of Paris calculates global time by averaging data received from 300 atomic clocks at laboratories round the world.
The atomic clock is now the most accurate timepiece on earth--maintained at an accuracy of [10.
The Global Positioning System and Navigation Systems Division (Code 231) of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SSC) San Diego is incorporating a chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC) into a new GPS receiver design that they are calling the "Navigation Nugget.
Physicists in Colorado say that they've refined an innovative atomic clock to be more precise than the breed of clocks that's been the best for 50 years.
The research, marking the 50th anniversary of the invention of the atomic clock, found that 82% of homes rely on a living room or kitchen clock.
A team of researchers from NIST have met a major milestone in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) program by successfully microfabricating a cesium (Cs) vapor cell with a volume of less than 10 m[m.