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an island consisting of a circular coral reef surrounding a lagoon

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Full field development of Atoll is expected to consist of two phases.
The agreement is expected to accelerate production from the Atoll field, which contains gas resources estimated at 1.
The majority of the system is built on a four metre structure creating 1,840 m2 of shaded public space that is limited on the atoll.
About The Brando The Brando is an exquisite luxury resort on French Polynesia's breathtakingly beautiful private atoll of Tetiaroa-an atoll composed of a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon 30 miles north of Tahiti.
People on the neighboring atolls were also affected.
5) US military silence surrounding the Bikini fallout also suppressed, and delayed for 50 years, any understanding of the connection between the serious health problems experienced by Hiroshima survivors, Japanese fishermen on board the Lucky Dragon #5, and the residents of Rongelap atoll.
My team, for example, is on call 24-hours a day for our clients on location, and we ensure no hick-up will disturb your holiday serenity,” says Jenny Vettiger Mufeed, Guest Experience Manager at Atoll Paradise.
Jenny Vettiger Mufeed, guest experience manager at Atoll Paradise, said, 'It is an honour to have been selected for the second year now as a leader in the travel industry of the region
It also acts as an outline for jet ski and boat users as the atoll area has been restricted due to numerous complaints regarding noise, as well as the safety aspect of having motorised crafts coming to the atolls.
Thousands of albatross, petrels, and fish, as well as tens of thousands of chicks, were killed when the five-foot waves overswept 60 percent of the atoll.
IF Kwajalein Atoll is just two things--at least from the perspective of the Americans who work there--it might be both a paradise and a target.
We report the first known occurrence of this species in Oceania based upon a breeding population on Woleai Atoll, Yap, Micronesia, hitherto known only to island residents.
The international ATOLL study sponsored by the Assistance Publique - Hopitaux de Paris showed that enoxaparin reduced the composite of death, complication of myocardial infraction, procedure failure or major bleeding by 17% in comparison with standard heparin (p=0.
For a report by John Mason and Nick James on Hao atoll, see below.
Diseased birds were found on 2 islands within Midway Atoll at multiple wetlands; however, 1 wetland contributed most carcasses.