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giant saturniid moth widespread in Asia

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Rhian said adult Atlas moths don't eat at all during their two weeks of adulthood because they don't have a mouth.
Making friends with an Atlas Moth I could see how he gets used to this life.
Student Anna Harper, aged 18, balanced an atlas moth, the world's largest species of moth, in front of her face, which she said was "exhilarating".
The atlas moth is normally found in the humid jungles of south-east Asia.
They range from the vibrant blue morpha butterfly to the delicate glasswing, to Indonesia's giant atlas moth.
The largest flying specimen at Magic Wings is the Atlas Moth, which can reach a wingspan of more than 10 inches.
EARLY DEBUT: A giant Atlas moth has hatched more than a month early in North Wales - indicating a warm Spring.
BIGGEST winged insect is the Atlas Moth, found in China, with a wingspan of 12 inches.
There is also a large: insect population, with estimates of as many as 240 species of butterfly and about 5,000 species of moth, including the massive Atlas moth species that measures almost 30 centimetres across.
But what the lovelorn giant Atlas moth really fancies is a fling with a mate - she only has 24 hours to attract a lover before she dies.
The family Lasiocampidae includes the eggar, lackey or lappet moths, a characteristic group of medium-sized, stout-bodied and often sombre-coloured insects that are related to the silk moths (Bombycidae) and moon and atlas moths (Saturnidae).
For the unusual menagerie at Ysgol San Sior includes Rhino beetles, giant African millipedes, Malaysian jungle nymphs, Death's Head hawkmoths and Atlas moths, the largest moths in the world.
The mini-beasts were brought to the school by Gareth Ireland from Paradise a and included giant atlas moths, giant owl butterflies, mantises and leaf insects.
The variety of insects range from green-leaf insects to giant atlas moths and rhinoceros beetles.
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