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(Greek mythology) a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders

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the 1st cervical vertebra

a figure of a man used as a supporting column


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With the selection of such experienced partners as Rayrock, Homestake and Hemlo, and with the implementation of our deep drilling program, Atlas is committed to the acceleration of exploration and development activities for our Gold Bar Project.
Arbor is continuing to work with its service provider customers, today representing more than 70% of global providers, to expand the ATLAS Initiative.
When the transaction closes, the Atlas board of directors will be reconstituted to consist of Douglas R.
By offering third-party ad serving for the full spectrum of digital advertising formats -- banners, search, rich media and now in-stream video -- the Atlas Digital Marketing Suite is enabling more avenues for creative optimization and improved targeting.
The key message here is that BNUs matter - advertisers should not treat these as an afterthought to their campaigns, but rather take a more strategic, planned approach," said the study's author John Chandler-Pepelnjak, Atlas principal analyst.
PSS Systems is the developer of the Atlas solution suite, the first software suite to help companies manage their legal holds and cross-enterprise retention programs.
In 1956, Atlas Diesel acquired compressor specialist, Arpic Engineering SA, Antwerp, Belgium.
The press conference is held when Atlas Copco, trading in China since the 1920s, celebrates the safe arrival of The Swedish Ship Gotheborg in Shanghai.
The Atlas Institute segmented users into three distinct groups based on their media exposure: display only, search only, and search and display.
Atlas On Demand allowed us to not only see that viewers watched the great majority of the piece, but also that they went back to watch it multiple times," said Starla West, Group Planning Manager for Bernstein-Rein Advertising, an Atlas client.
Karl is a very strong business leader who has been with Atlas since its inception in a variety of key leadership roles.
The Rental Service business is growing and performing extremely well," says Gunnar Brock, President and CEO, Atlas Copco Group.
This was the most powerful Atlas vehicle launched to date, and the 78th consecutive successful launch for the Atlas series.
We believe that through this integration Atlas Search clients will better be able to manage their online campaigns while MSN will gain the strategic philosophies of such a forward thinking company," said David Jakubowski, general manager of Search Strategy and GTM for MSN.
Our goal is to develop digital marketing technologies that solve the challenges of both media and creative professionals," said Saar Safra, director of rich media, Atlas.
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