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departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal

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Ivory handle of the slim umbrella shaft atilt To birch trunks in the background, has a curve; Eyesight arching clean across the image Divines, in the cap's white crown, a twin to it.
When I ask to visit, I'm told to look for the yellow Santa Fe Railway boxcar, which is set atilt on uneven ground and easily seen from the road.
Her drumbeat contractions, as she slashed across the stage with her torso atilt over one leg, had the look of mind-free ecstasy, while Prosperi, as the Woman in Yellow, radiated the joy unbound of a sunbeam.
Initially, the fetishized blue butterfly becomes a si gn of maternal connection; it causes the dressmaker to see her handiwork as her child, as well it may be: "The girl with the blue butterfly atilt in her fair hair .
Slowly turn the map around clockwise; from southwest to due west sprawls the complex of towering Ophiuchus standing atilt on the horizon with Serpens, the Snake, in his hands.
Their cooperation and artistic collaboration can also be seen in the way the camera moves from one to the other throughout the video, and it is emphasized by their standing next to each other, faces in profile, chins atilt with Latifah's hand on Monie's shoulder.
Very soon, Kay and Sweetie's parents enter the picture, and we begin to see how everyone here is atilt.
aTilt 3D Labyrinth and aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free by FridgeCat Software - a labyrinth-style maze game
19 upapadam atilt at all; rather it is a sasthi-tatpurusa compound formed by A.
Kausse de Thaix earned atilt at the four-mile National Hunt Chase at Cheltenham when grinding out his second course-and-distance victory in the three-mile handicap chase .
Because Rome atilt bishops have decided that eucharistic theology doesn't matter, bad theology of ordination does.