athletic sock

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a sock worn for athletic events

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Gildan believes that entry into the athletic sock market represents a significant growth opportunity for the Company, which will complement its overall retail strategy and leverage its existing core competencies and low-cost offshore manufacturing expertise.
Gold Toe Brands (formerly Great American Knitting Mills) -- the market leader in department store sock sales -- manufactures the Gold Toe line of dress, casual and athletic socks for men, women and children.
In addition to the acquisition, HoopSwagg has also added 200 new designs to total over 500 designs printed on HoopSwagg, Notion and premium branded athletic socks.
Men buy more socks than women; athletic socks are women's top choice in foot/leg apparel, the NPD publication states, while men prefer both casual and athletic socks.
That's because in August 2013, when he and Randy Goldberg launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their high-performance athletic socks company, Heath pledged to donate a pair of socks for each pair sold.
Provision of sports effects: sports tops, sports pants, swimwear woman, man swim pants, sports shoes, white athletic socks.
When they get to the checkout, you can present them with options to add on athletic socks, and to join your online runners' club.
By accidentally breaking the rules, he repeatedly loses for his team and intermittently responds by aggressively yanking up his athletic socks.
Each participant earned a pair of ANA athletic socks (which ANA's CEO, Marla Weston, wore so well in her Healthy Nurse Conference closing address).
There's something inherently comical about a man dressed up as a nun - especially a nun with facial hair wearing Converse All Stars and royal blue athletic socks, as in the case of Sister Mary Robert Anne, played by Anthony Marcus Kirouac in The Stratton Players' production of "Nunsense A-Men
Aetrex casual and athletic socks are made with Spandex and a wicking system.
Piled against the side of the room in a snowy drift are around a hundred pairs of white Sears-brand athletic socks, Dad's favorite.
The team found that athletic socks made of synthetic materials produced less friction than the 100-percent-cotton varieties and were less likely to cause blisters.
Proper footwear will make patients more comfortable, and I recommend athletic socks, preferably those made with moisture-wicking materials, and sneakers with laces that can be easily adjusted as the feet swell.
The socks are available in a variety of colors and styles, including athletic socks, knee-highs, dress socks and toe covers.