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collapse of an expanded lung (especially in infants)

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This precipitous decline in the status of the patient could be observed in something as simple as atelectasis after a diagnosis of ACS.
Pain from multiple rib fractures may results in voluntary splinting and muscle spasms, which subsequently leads to atelectasis and decreased ventilation.
Complete obstructed airways lead to segmental atelectasis, most commonly seen in the left lower lobe.
Sections address normal thoracic anatomy, developmental anomalies, airways disease, atelectasis, pulmonary infections and aspiration pneumonia, neoplastic disease, thoracic trauma, diffuse lung disease, occupational lung disease, adult cardiovascular disease, abnormalities of the mediastinum, and pleura, chest wall, and diaphragm.
Reactive bibasal pleural effusions and basal atelectasis were also demonstrated.
The pathologic changes in the lung of S groups were included: interstitial (eosinophil and lymphocyte) infiltration, interstitial expansion, lung congestion, atelectasis, bleeding and epithelial damage.
At admission, chest radiograph showed middle lobe atelectasis but no visible infiltrates.
The paper also reports that PEP therapy using a blow bottle device reduces atelectasis and improves respiratory function compared to controls performing DBE or controls not treated.
5 cm thin-walled hypodense mass with calcium deposition in the dependent region (Figure 2) associated with a pleural effusion and compressive atelectasis.
4) Traditionally the management of respiratory complications such as retained pulmonary secretions, atelectasis, and the avoidance of reintubation has been the major focus of physiotherapy treatment for the critically ill patient.
Pneumonia, atelectasis, and pleural effusion, usually develop in the left lung and are associated with embolization of the upper pole of the spleen.
Following cardiac surgery, patients may experience post-operative respiratory complications such as pneumonia and hypoxaemic respiratory failure due to atelectasis.
An international group of pediatric bronchoscopists discuss technical aspects in preparation for and performance of the procedure, from common to specialized applications like bronchoalveolar lavage, bronchial biopsy, interventional bronchoscopy, and total-lung lavage; potential alternatives such as rigid and virtual bronchoscopy; the bronchoscopic appearance of the normal upper and lower airways and congenital and acquired abnormalities; and application to conditions like asthma, atelectasis and plastic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other chronic suppurative lung diseases, endobronchial tuberculosis, chronic cough, lung transplantation, and immunosuppression.
A chest X-ray is indicated if you suspect atelectasis or other lung disorders.
Possible side effects during treatment include chest tightness or pain, atelectasis, hemoptysis, anxiety, headaches, and nausea.