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lacking motor coordination


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On examination he had ataxic gait so he could walk with one person support, slurred speech and clumsy finger nose test, and dysdiadokinesia.
Similarly, the gait ataxia is found in majority of patients which varies from mild imbalance and unsteadiness with difficulty in tandem (heel to toe), walking to wide based shuffling or ataxic gait.
For the purpose of generalizing the data, it is important that more dyskinetic, ataxic, and spastic unilateral patients with CP be included in a study.
Hallmarks of HACE are encephalopathic symptoms and signs, including ataxic gait severe lassitude, and progressive decline of mental function and consciousness (irritability, confusion, impaired mentation, drowsiness, stupor, and finally coma).
On first observation from a distance, the duck was ataxic and fell to the left when ambulating.
Though free of eczema in recent years, she recalls ataxic childhood.
The patient became increasingly ataxic and lethargic, and he died of the disease burden 2 years after the initial diagnosis.
The assessment scales section in the chapter of care and rehabilitation is extremely interesting, reporting observational methods and assessment protocols, such as the video recording Protocol for the observation of ataxic disorders (Ferrari and Cioni 1998), or the multidisciplinary neuro-olftalmological assessment protocol of Group of Pavia.
Upon clinical examination, the mare was in a very poor body condition (body condition score 2 as per guidelines of National Research Council, 1996) and was ataxic.
Ataxic cerebral palsy, hitting 4%, affects the person's balance and spatial awareness.
The main manifestations of Wilson's disease (WD) are hepatic dysfunction and a broad spectrum of movement disorders with parkinsonian, dystonic, ataxic, and choreatic characteristics.
During examination, the cria intermittently lowered its head, became ataxic, and collapsed.
While benzodiazepines are safe on a short term basis, one must consider the risk of hypoventilation in patients with obesity or sleep apnoea, the risk of syncope in elderly patients or in those with various vertiginous or ataxic phenomena, and even the risk of mood swings in case of hyperkinetic catatonia.
No two individuals are affected in exactly the same way and there are a range of physical abilities but there are a number of similarities which have led to a broad classification of three types of cerebral palsy: spastic, athetoid and ataxic.