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characteristic of an atavist


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They believed it to be atavistic in nature and an embryological remnant of panniculus carnosus.
If you look at the history of science or medicine, it is a history of one success after another, and it has freed humanity from these atavistic ties.
Through the eyes of characters in the hacker underground the reader sees human civilization from outside of it for the first time," the statement continues, "in a space where laws and morals have given way to the atavistic struggle for power.
Now that Marine Le Pen of France's National Front is close to real power, she is struggling to distance her racist, anti-semitic and anti-Islamic party from its deeply atavistic roots.
2015 * Curated by Andrea LISS011i ' Since the early 1970s, Joan Jonas has been producing complexly atavistic, lyrical installations, often using video light as a fifth element and animating force in her cosmologies.
But the atavistic theories concerning the human os penis in evolutionary terms were further supported by the aforementioned case described by Vermooten.
Dana Seitler's discussion of late nineteenth-and early twentieth-century science, fiction, and photography in Atavistic Tendencies: The Culture of Science in American Modernity draws from a broad range of theoretical sources including Foucault, Benjamin, Deleuze and Guattari, and Bataille among others.
Indeed they may have touched on an atavistic trait of the English that pre-dates the Anglo Saxons.
Ignaure is a horrific tale that strikes atavistic chords; the revenge enacted by cuckolded husbands combines two basic human fears.
Residing primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Pashtuns have gained notoriety in the West through their association with AI Qaeda and the atavistic Taliban.
Mr Karzai knows that Afghans have an atavistic mistrust of foreigners and an instinctive resentment of foreign forces, however committed they are to ending the misery, poverty and violence that Afghans have endured for the past 30 years.
This mind-set sees the demonising of children as atavistic.
In a nasty twist of fate, he'll now be chief spokesman for Stephen Harper's atavistic values on the world's most influential stage.
heat, sociable matrix it's an atavistic mixed-up dream and stirs
I distrust them from a deep, puritanical, atavistic well" - Comic actor Griff Rhys Jones whose safe deposit account, he says, has evaporated, leaving the banks unscathed.