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characteristic of an atavist


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The further global warming related increase in archaeal growth leads to an atavistic archaeal endosymbiotic colony with its own metabolic phenotype (R.
In 1924, Furuta rejected the atavistic thoughts because the bone tissue does not fit organically to the form of the penis, instead presenting as inhibitory factor for copulation especially during erection.
But every so often an incident occurs which not only highlights lingering prejudice and injustice but also stirs atavistic emotions too readily exploited by those seeking political advantage.
Space travel is a testament to mankind's atavistic desire to make contact with other worlds as well as to our downright tenacity and refusal to give up.
Indeed they may have touched on an atavistic trait of the English that pre-dates the Anglo Saxons.
And I suspect there is a deeply atavistic satisfaction in making a mark.
Ignaure is a horrific tale that strikes atavistic chords; the revenge enacted by cuckolded husbands combines two basic human fears.
This mind-set sees the demonising of children as atavistic.
heat, sociable matrix it's an atavistic mixed-up dream and stirs
Unfortunately, his detailed historical examples consistently belie this optimism, as some protagonist (normally the United States) always allows its conduct to be driven by the atavistic notions of sovereignty and physical security.
Opposition party DISY leader, Nicos Anastassiades blamed the incident on the atavistic behaviour of brainless people.
Scholars for too long have ignored the role of atavistic culture in thwarting if not preventing social change.
For those on the left, Netanyahu's ascendancy was an insult to Rabin's memory and an atavistic retreat into tribalism.
Holmes are more strongly atavistic of their roots in Greek mysticism than Conan Doyle may have intended.