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an organism that has the characteristics of a more primitive type of that organism


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One publication that seems to have cracked the code on making slow journalism sustainable is The Atavist Magazine, which publishes long-form narrative articles of 10,000 to 20,000 words.
According to Atavist, the book should appeal to those who like introspective science fiction and cyberpunk literature like that from John Brunner, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and Michael Crichton.
Continue reading "Operation Red Falcon: An Excerpt from The Atavist Magazine" at.
Digital-first finalists include The Atavist for Multimedia, Video and Reporting; The Daily Beast for Multimedia; Pitchfork for Website; Slate for Website and Columns and Commentary; Tablet Magazine for Columns and Commentary; and The Verge for Video.
Millet's characters transform into biomorphic big and white rocks, atavist menhires, in The Architectural Angelus of Millet (1933), while in Atavism at Twilight (1933-1934), which Dali used to illustrate the Tragic Myth, the man becomes a skeleton, with a wheelbarrow extending out of its skull.
Even The Atavist, a startup in Brooklyn founded to publish multimedia long-format journalism for tablet computers, does little more than add elements like interactive maps, videos, or photographs to conventional stories.
According to TED, users of its new app, which is based on technology developed by software and media company Atavist, can now embed video and audio content, timelines and links to outside sources, as well as social features that allow readers to discuss the book online.
The Atavist, a boutique publishing house, produces original nonfiction stories that are longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book for digital mobile devices.
To the young Valle-Inclan, Spain and Europe represented civilization versus the atavist barbarism that the Amerindian past posed.
Atavist (Victory) Lesbian-fronted band offers up a burning gothic funk-metal album with hints of Siouxsie Sioux and Henry Rollins.
The Atavist The "boutique publishing house" commissions original nonfiction, formats it especially for digital devices, and sells it a la carte.
Whatever the route, it led to that perennial Jewish archetype, the medieval Jew-devil, so fixed in European culture, even in polite society, the atavist who emerges in various guises from the mists of medieval Christendom.
This may come as a surprise to someone who has recently logged on to fire off an atavist e-mail through the Sierra Club's Web site, read an inside-the-beltway analysis of congressional races from the Washington Post online, or thrown themselves into a free-wheeling political discussion at an Internet magazine like Salon.
Unlike other scholars, Stella does not see the Reformation as only an urban phenomenon of the nascent bourgeoisie, or a rural atavist or so-called primitive communism.
The counterculture, as always, was looking for the ghost in the machine, the atavist beneath the technologist.