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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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There is a strong relationship between Year 9 NAPLAN results and whether or not a student attains an ATAR, he said.
south Pigi -- traditionally inhabited by Atar and Khorfulus communities
The newly appointed leader said he would use opportunity provided by peace and reconciliation accord signed between the two communities of Atar and Khorfulus, in the northern County to achieve his goals.
By Philip Thon Aleu April 14, 2009 (BOR) -- A peace and reconciliation conference between Atar and Khorfulus communities of Jonglei State has resolved to adopt the Canal County as the new name.
James Yor Chol also underscored conflicts - mainly between Atar and Khorfulus communities over County name, headquarters location and administrative distribution as well as what he described as "poorly staffed schools" amongst major challenges his administration is trying to knock-off road to prosperity.
We have proven the ATARS system components can be integrated onto the F-15, and we are confident that the conformal reconnaissance pod does not have significant impact on the F-15's range, payload, or ability to operate its weapon systems.