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lacking motor coordination


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In particular, blends of isotactic and atactic polypropylenes (iPP and aPP) were studied.
Characterization of Morphologies and Nanostructures of Blends of Poly(styrene) Block-Poly(ethane-co-but-1-ene)-Block-Poly(styrene) with Isotactic and Atactic Polypropylenes by Tapping-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy," Langmuir, 14, 1219-1226 (1998).
These D-lactides are statistically spread in the chain and are responsible for the atactic stereo regularity.
00 Mm Thick Atactic Polypropylene Polymer Membrane For School And Hospital Mrpl Township
Atactic PP is amorphous, not crystalline, and is what many hot glues are made from.
investigated the effect of polymer type on temperature-programmed copyrolysis of Turkish oil shales with atactic polypropylene (APP) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) [16, 17].
The trainer of any team has to create atactic to win, that's all.
The top layer is comprised of a mixture of: (a) polypropylene modifiers comprised of isotactic polypropylene, ethylene-propylene copolymer, atactic polypropylene and polyethylene, (b) filler and (c) asphalt.
Metallocenes have been designed that enchain prochiral monomers like propylene in atactic, isotactic, syndiotactic and hemi-isotactic orientations.
Polypropylenes (PP) synthesized using traditional Ziegler-Natta catalysts are generally about 95% isotactic, with a few percent atactic and some syndiotactic polymer.
Scientists have found this tendency can be overcome by adding atactic polypropylene (APP) or styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) to the asphalt mix.
Tenders are invited for Supplying & laying 3mm thick prefabricated plastomeric water proofing membrane conforming to EN 12311-1 & ASTMD 5147, manufactured with atactic poly propylene (APP) modified premium grade asphalt, specially reinforced with non-woven polyester core with polyester reinforcement @160 gms per sqm & both faces covered with thermo-fusible polyethylene film /MineraL on top face over a coat of primer @ 0.
Previously, the conformation of a repeat unit of uniaxially oriented atactic PSt was assumed; angle y between the transition dipole moment vector of the out-of-plane vibration of the phenyl ring and the chain axis was determined [25] by plotting the orientation function of the main chain [f.
The remainder of the material (if any) is atactic polymer.
Conversely, the diminution in the amount of the triads leads to a large amount of atactic insertion of the propylene monomer.