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Social functioning at work may also be impaired in a number of ways, such as has being more irritable or angry towards co-workers or customers, or being less able to cope with interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.
Through the course of the story, Reddy slowly loses it, as she faces the increasingly impossible and ridiculous demands of doing well at work, for her children, and by her own perfectionist standards.
Since libraries are wired for the Internet, working people who do not have a computer at home or at work can use their neighborhood library to go online, set up a free e-mail account, and gain access to their local union Web site or any other Web site that meets their needs.
One study, from Web filtering company Websense, finds that the average employee spends 21 hours online each week at work versus only 9.
then you can't go to bed at midnight and expect to do well at work the next day.
I need to be with my family more than I'm at work, and this way I'm at work three days a week and at home four days a week, so I'm comfortable with that.
It is likely that self-efficacy beliefs are at work in this situation.
He believed he was a valuable person because he was a success at work.
My coworkers didn't realize why I wasn't at work on Friday.
The DCS model utilizes three dimensions or constructs that focus on explaining the development of stress for the individual at work.
Because it is illogical for people to be more "out" at work than is consistent with their self-concept about their sexual identity, it is reasonable to assume that people select identity management strategies that are consistent with or below their accomplished level of sexual identity development.