at sea

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perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements

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Any state has jurisdiction to capture pirates on the high seas (determining which state could and should prosecute pirates captured at sea is difficult).
The H-46D continued to demonstrate its versatility, flying every mission from VERTREP and cargo moves at sea, to enemy prisoner-of-war operations and medevacs in Iraq and Kuwait, to special warfare extractions in Liberia.
Linda Duane, MSRD, food service director at Sea View, chaired the committee, which included: staff members from administration, nursing, food service/dietary, engineering/maintenance, housekeeping, and activities.
But its antecedents date to 1790, when the Coast Guard's predecessor - the Revenue Cutter Service - was granted equally broad authority to board vessels at sea.
Scientists warn that the effects of trash at sea are long-lasting and far-reaching.
The broad range of Life Fitness equipment on Freedom of the Seas will meet the needs of everyone on board, from novice exercisers interested in trying out different kinds of fitness equipment to fitness enthusiasts looking to maintain their regimens and stay in shape while at sea.
We are their primary source for passengers, mail and priority stores while they are at sea.
Access to a private beach, pool, spa, barbeque and recreation areas is available to every homeowner at Sea Mount Villages.
Busch III speaks Wednesday at Sea World San Diego with a photo of J.
Load flow analyses conducted by Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) at Sea Breeze's request, along with insights gained through discussions with regional utilities, have indicated that integrating Vancouver Island with the transmission system of the Pacific Northwest will provide solutions to a number of serious ancillary problems facing utilities on both sides of the border.