at rest

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in a state of repose or especially sleep

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Network encryption appliances help fill a growing security gap, securing data both at rest stored on storage devices and on the SAN itself.
At rest, the back end of the arrow is nocked on the bowstring in the normal manner, but the front end sits in a specially grooved felt pad on the arrow shelf.
GTB Technologies introduced the GTB Data at Rest Manager (GTB DARM) at SecureWorld Expo here today, the industry's most advanced solution for monitoring and preventing security breaches.
The deeply forked drop-away launcher on Spot-Hogg's Whammy arrow rest remains in the up position while at rest and automatically resets after each shot.
Values range from 28 for elite athletes to as much as 100 for the very sedentary Known as a marker of fitness, a low heart rate when the body is at rest indicates that the heart is a strong, efficient blood-moving machine.