at peace

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We will continue to urge a negotiated settlement, which has as its goal a nation that is whole, at peace, and respects the rights of all of its citizens.
We have noted the persistence of social images of life at peace, the ineradicable longing for that peace, and the numbers of social movements working for a more just and peaceful world.
Only a world at peace, with justice for all, can avoid repeating the mistakes and terrible crimes of the past.
God became a squirming baby in Bethlehem, the account teaches, "when the whole world was at peace.
Peace Arch Entertainment CEO Gary Howsam stated, "With the recent investment by accomplished entertainment industry executives Drew Craig, Jeff Sagansky and Kerry McCluggage in our company, the additional liquidity provided by our new credit facility, and now our diversification into distribution of first-run television programming under Michael Taylor's leadership, we believe the pieces are coming into place for a very exciting future of growth and success at Peace Arch.