at long last

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as the end result of a succession or process

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In the eyes of Jesus' disciples, surely this was a high point in their journeys with him: at last, at long last, the people they are ministering to get it
AT long last Al Al-Saadi Gaddafi made his Serie A debut when he came on as a sub for Pergugia in their shock 1-0 win over the mighty Juventus.
Congratulations that at long last, in nine explicit pages, a scheme such as Bing Thom's Vancouver Development gets fully explained.
At long last the two ruthless womanisers are getting a taste of their own medicine - and feeling what it is like to be dumped on.
After many days and years, after multitudinous suns had risen and set and risen again, after expending like a Croesus of time, most of the days and nights granted a sojourner, after fretting and moiling and losing his way and his temper (and now and again as it seemed, his soul) -- at long last our peregrine did a simple thing -- a thing that might have occurred to a wiser one, as the first thing of all to be done.