at last

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as the end result of a succession or process

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The survey asked students about their demographic characteristics, their number of sexual partners in the previous three months, their mental health in the previous 12 months, their violent behaviors in the previous 12 months, their substance use during the last 30 days and their sexual risk-taking behaviors at last intercourse.
Wiles will continue his lecture course at Princeton this fall, when he will at last reach the point in the proof where his difficulty lies.
Fitch compared each loan's debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) at the year ended (YE) December 2002 to the DSCR at last review (YE March 2002) and the DSCR at issuance.
Guiding the talented group is the coach who led the USA National Team to gold at last summer's FISU World University Championships in Taiwan.
For additional information about attending or exhibiting at Last Mile Fall 2001, visit www.