at large

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Synonyms for at large

having escaped, especially from confinement

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in a general fashion

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Labor's share (the ratio of personnel costs to added value) at large firms has plummeted in recent years due to restructuring drives.
Executives at large corporations spend 80 percent of their time managing the structure of the corporation, and only 20 percent on the business review process," he says.
A good portion of the expansion, however, was at large banks (those with assets of $5 billion or more).
Moreover, the ratio of tier 1 capital to risk-adjusted assets was much lower at large banks, mainly because of the greater reliance by these banks on subordinated debt (chart 10).
Under the too-big-to-fail doctrine, uninsured deposits at large banks typically have been protected in full--through purchase and assumption resolution methods--while those at smaller institutions generally face a greater risk of some loss.