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In contrast "Nobbut varry Middlin' " is to imply that one is at death's door.
As Donald is left knocking at death's door once again, he finally reunites with Anna and vows to ruin the King brothers once and for all for Carl's treachery.
So I suspect that I will remain at death's door for several months whilst I'm being spoon fed and my every need taken care of by the woman of the house, who by the way has a cold
Marissa (Mischa Barton) has put love interest Ryan's (Benjamin McKenzie) big brother, Trey (Logan Marshall-Green), at death's door courtesy of a gunshot wound.
Before he set off Darren, a former Keresley Rugby Club player, said: "The air ambulance crew saved my life because I was virtually at death's door.
LINDA Sykes is down to her last Baldwin in CORONATION STREET after Mike's son Mark flew off in disgust when he discovered his dad wasn't really at death's door after all.
MISSING her make-up, big screen beauty Gwyneth Paltrow looks to be at death's door in her new film.
ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO Street Songs Of Love (Fantasy) SEVEN years after being, literally, at death's door with hepatitis, Texan troubadour Escovedo delivers a full-throttle rock and roll album ahead of a Hyde Park gig headed by Stevie Wonder.
BEST-SELLING Irish author Maeve Binchy, 68, has laughed off rumours that she's at death's door.
She said: "Last year we were at death's door and it looked bad, but now things are really looking up for the club.
They had a new heart to replace the diseased, enlarged one that had Edna at death's door.
By the end of January 2001 he was reduced literally to being at death's door.
The former Manchester United player, recovering after liver-failure left him at death's door, has given his backing to a celebrity tree-trail project beginning to mushroom across Belfast's fast-changing landscape.
But student Laura Wood was at death's door after the kind of illness you normally associate with people old enough to be her grandparents.
She seems fine to me, but according to some reports just a month ago, she was at death's door.