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lacking conjunctions

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There is also an asyndetic sequence of to + infinitive and the absence of the same structure in some lines, as we have explained before.
In Estonian, as well as in Finnish, the main type of scalar reduplication is (non-reduced) total asyndetic reduplication.
Here his crime is placed in the wider context of the dichotomy in his nature: he steals and feels sorry, sins and is pious--underscored by the asyndetic balancing in line 3.
On a somewhat more banal level, my problem with this asyndetic cut-up stuffum is that it's all, after about twenty-odd years, a pretty old and exhausted porne star.
Bordered on three sides by the ocean, the map of America is an asyndetic joining of form and dissolution that offered Johns the possibility of further exploring his preoccupation with a solid body partially surrounded by liquid, as well as discerning how much he could inflect the "map" with meaning.
Thus, it blocks a sequential reading ("perfective viewpoint" according to Smith [1997]) in syndetic and asyndetic paratactical constructions where such a reading would otherwise be preferred due to the inherent aspectual properties ("aktionsart") of the modified VPs: (19) and (24) (25).
First, come three asyndetic, parallel, progressive clauses; next are three polysyndetically linked metaphors, with conjunctions to prolong and thus press the point: "But he who does not believe the Word insults God, makes him unholy, mocks his word, and is the swine who tramples the pearl under foot [Matthew 7:6] and the dog who barks against the divine Word and falls on the messengers with his teeth" (Sider, 12; italics added).
Interpolating collaged images throughout, he lays out all these elements in asyndetic relation as in a Pound Canto, "ply over ply," as Pound says (Canto s 15).
If Morgenstern's interpretation of the verbal forms is followed, sections F and F' cannot be parallel, since section F has asyndetic imperatives and F' perfect forms.
True to asyndetic logic, Hardy's silences appear most often in similarly enclosed worlds, alongside the paranormal duration of time.
Compare this with the multiple finite complex predicates in the Neo-Arabic language as in (26), that is, coverbal constructions (IIc), which correspond to asyndetic complex sentence formation by juxtaposed finite verbs in Afro-Asiatic languages, cf.
7 it is possible to analyze the forms as two asyndetic imperatives, this is impossible for 1.
On the other hand, the team pays attention to distinguishing CQs from other types of clauses, notably asyndetic relative clauses, conditional clauses, clauses involving the Hebrew particle k[i.
Whereas the presumed source employs two asyndetic synonyms to prohibit "altering, changing" the word of Esarhaddon (tenndni tusannani), the authors of Deuter-onomy select two antonyms so as to create a merism expressing totality.
32) is really a Tamyiz construction; isn't it rather an asyndetic relative clause?