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a straight line that is the limiting value of a curve

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The goal of the controller design is to find such mathematical formulation for establishing the input u where the zero solution of the system (9) would be asymptotically stable, i.
If the covariance is bounded, then the two coordinates are asymptotically independent.
From (2), at late times an infalling photon asymptotically approaches the radius r = 2m.
A system with the globally attractive set is called a globally asymptotically Lagrangian stable system or a dissipative system in ultimately bounded sense.
2]g to a stationary, asymptotically flat space-time (M, g) admitting a Killing horizon H.
Based on the passivity theory, the closed-loop system can be proved to be uniformly globally asymptotically stable (UGAS).
We analyze the stability of the model both with and without treatment and derive sufficient conditions on treatment to ensure a globally asymptotically stable cure state.
In this way, we obtain M-test statistics, each of which is, under the null of independence, asymptotically distributed as [chi square] (l).
Secondly, a state feedback controller is designed which guarantees that the resulting closed-loop system is asymptotically stable and possess a prescribed H [?
Conditions of the existence of the disease free and endemic equilibrium point are derived and proved that the disease free equilibrium point is locally asymptotically stable under the given parameters.
c) The symbol ~ between two functions or series means that the two are asymptotically equal to one another.
This increased level of total sleep time (reaching 13 hours or more in some cases) asymptotically returned to a basal equilibrium level, which was eight hours 15 [+ or -]50 minutes for the group.
Using Stambaugh (1999) and Campbell and Yogo (2006) this paper develops asymptotically correct test statistics which are credible even in small samples.
6) The null hypothesis we adopt is that stock returns are Gaussian, a distribution with asymptotically independent tails, but there are many other possible return distributions that could have been selected as the null hypothesis.