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having no symptoms of illness or disease


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Tuberculosis (TB) remains an important public health concern as about one third of the world population is asymptomatically infected with latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
So far, there have been no reports of deaths caused by MCR-1, and some people could be harbouring the superbug asymptomatically.
However, sensitisation does not equate to allergy in peanut-sensitised patients, and further specialised tests such as food challenges may be required to differentiate between asymptomatically sensitised and truly allergic patients.
pylori reduces the incidence of gastric cancer in healthy, asymptomatically infected Asian individuals, however, it may be inadequate to extrapolate this data to other populations.
Neuroinflammation and several markers of neurodegeneration including Tau hyperphosphorylation was observed following reactivation of HSV-1 in the brain of asymptomatically infected mice (28).
The collateral damage caused by this type of inflammation usually accumulates slowly, sometimes asymptomatically for years and further leads to tissue deterioration (18).
Since the effects of an ailing liver festers asymptomatically until advanced stages, the number of patients at risk is indeed quite large.
However, other members of endemic communities who are potentially asymptomatically infected carriers may also contribute to the transmission of M.
5 Mostly urinary baldder diverticula remain asymptomatically, but in some patients infection, stone formation, rupture, or cancer are described as rare complications, especially in narrow-necked diverticula.
There is currently no reliable method to identify women that are asymptomatically shedding HSV at the time of delivery (12, 33).
As neonatal hypertension may progress asymptomatically, it should be kept in mind in infants of diabetic mothers, macrosomic infants, and difficult births, especially in neonates who develop adrenal hemorrhage.
The conclusion is that dogs can be asymptomatically infected and might excrete infectious virus particles in urine, faeces and saliva for a short period before they clear the virus.
5,17) Since JOCD can present asymptomatically and bilaterally in up to 30% of patients, several authors' believe it is clinically relevant and acceptable to obtain a contralateral knee series, especially if symptoms are present.
2) Asymptomatically infected rodents excrete leptospires in their urine that proliferate in freshwater, mud, moist soil, and wet vegetation and remain viable and infectious for months.
1) In the case of both US and MRI, it is important to note that abnormal patellar tendon changes visible on a sonogram or MRI can occur asymptomatically.
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