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having no symptoms of illness or disease


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Many people carry GAS asymptomatically in their upper respiratory tract and other anatomic sites.
We recommend this method for centers with rapid access to PCR for all 5 human Plasmodium species because increased sensitivity of detection is more important than rapid detection in asymptomatically infected children.
Eight cases presented asymptomatically at the time of diagnosis, 4 had hypertension, and 1 other in addition to this case presented with dyspnea accompanied with chest pain, paraesthesia, and palpitations.
difficile is an anaerobic spore-forming bacterium, present asymptomatically in approximately 60 percent of infants but only approximately three percent of healthy adults.
People are commonly infected by food or water; because bacteria can live asymptomatically in healthy ruminant mammals, meats can become contaminated during processing (1, 2).
Clinical presentation--Most patients with DCIS present asymptomatically with a mammographically detected lesion.
Low-level, intermittent transmission of these organisms through environmental contamination and contact with asymptomatically infected individuals would be likely vehicles of transmission in our state.
Actinomyces, a commensal organism of the oral cavity, is often found in the tonsillar crypts, where it exists asymptomatically.
CHD develops slowly and asymptomatically for many years, and the first stage of the disease is often evident at a surprisingly early age.
AAAs typically develop asymptomatically until they reach a critical point, making early detection and treatment key to improving patient outcomes," said Phil Nowell, global director of Cook's Aortic Intervention strategic business unit.
By contrast, although mallard ducks and white-fronted geese were asymptomatically infected with H5N8 HPAI, these birds died of other causes, including gunshot wounds or peritonitis.
Occasionally, patients can present asymptomatically for localized disease.
Ovarian cancer, which ranks fifth as the cause of cancer deaths in women, usually grows asymptomatically before it is discovered.
Up to 10% of populations in countries with endemic disease carry the bacteria (Neisseria meningitidis) asymptomatically in their nose and throat(8).
Lichen sclerosus begins asymptomatically in most patients.
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