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Synonyms for asymptomatic

having no symptoms of illness or disease


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We calculated the asymptomatic ratio by dividing the number of confirmed JE cases by the number of JEV infection cases.
Diabetic women have a higher prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria as compared to men and the prevalence has been found to increase with age.
In terms of medical history, asymptomatic patients were twice as likely to have permanent atrial fibrillation (15.
To account for women who might have been exposed during the periconceptional period (8 weeks before conception), routine testing of asymptomatic pregnant women who conceived within 8 weeks after the calculated transmission end date (on or before December 10, 2016) was recommended (5).
These findings of more severe injuries in the asymptomatic group led Dr.
Since about 80% of DENV [dengue virus] infections are asymptomatic, it is likely that they contribute significantly to viral transmission to mosquitoes and thus to other human hosts.
Dr Irving highlighted that: "Routine eye examinations do appear to be productive in asymptomatic patients, and this appears to increase with age.
The recommendation "applies to asymptomatic adults (aged 18 years and older) and adults with unrecognized symptoms of OSA.
Caption: MRSA colonization in asymptomatic athletes was unexpectedly high.
It is reassuring that the proportion of asymptomatic pregnant women with confirmed Zika virus infection in this report was low" and not unexpected in the current U.
Clinically, asymptomatic population fails to show noticeable symptoms in the early stage of disease, and few of them receive treatment.
It included case records of post-contrast CT scan abdomen of 852 asymptomatic (without median arcuate ligament syndrome) individuals carried out from July 2011 to June 2013.
So-called herd immunity is a feature of many infectious diseases and can, in some cases, dampen an outbreak if enough people get asymptomatic, or "sub-clinical" cases and acquire protective antibodies.
Survey for asymptomatic malaria cases in low transmission settings of Iran under elimination programme.
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