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having no symptoms of illness or disease


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Fiona Walker rose to advocate ordering a prepregnancy treadmill exercise test in all patients with asymptomatic severe AS in order to learn whether they are likely to remain asymptomatic during the stresses of pregnancy.
Symptomatic vitamin D deficiency is known to affect health adversely, as is asymptomatic vitamin D deficiency in certain patient populations.
Lai and his team conducted cognitive testing on 127 patients: 67 with ultrasound-confirmed asymptomatic carotid stenosis of 50% or more, and 60 controls.
The prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria as diagnosed by urine culture was 5.
2]Hb, ΔHHb and ΔtHb from base-line timed at permission to void were compared between subjects; also, trends of change (positive or negative) were compared between asymptomatic and symptomatic children.
Many immigrants may be asymptomatic (1,3), which has been explained by partial immunity acquired gradually after prolonged exposure in areas with stable malaria transmission.
The study consisted of 48 healthy asymptomatic individuals (38 females, 10 males), whose ages varied between 20 and 30 years and 27 patients (22 females, 5 males) of the same age group who referred to outpatient clinic for actual low back pa in.
Discussion: Signal abnormalities in the throwing elbow of asymptomatic, adolescent pitchers were uncommon.
In general, milder forms of hyponatremia ([Na+] between 130-134 mmol/L) are relatively asymptomatic and are likely to resolve spontaneously, although exceptions to this rule have been reported (1,3,6,31,38,39,41,44).
Patients have been divided into asymptomatic and symptomatic groups:
Most people with genital herpes--nearly nine of 10--do not know they have the virus because they are asymptomatic.
The FDA has cleared the BDProbeTec ET System Neisseria gonorrhoeae amplified DNA assay for use with urine and urethral swab specimens from asymptomatic male patients.
After 2 months on this triple regimen, she remained asymptomatic, and her HIV RNA level had become undetectable.
They draw attention to the need for further research on the infectiousness of asymptomatic infections and for emphasis to be placed upon contact tracing and treatment of sexual partners, in order to increase the treatment rate of" asymptomatic STDs in developing countries.
The strength of the recommendation to treat asymptomatic patients should be based on the willingness and readiness of the individual to begin therapy; the degree of existing immunodeficiency as determined by the CD4+ T cell count; the risk of disease progression as determined by the CD4+ T cell count and level of plasma HIV RNA; the potential benefits and risks of initiating therapy in asymptomatic individuals; and the likelihood, after counseling and education, of adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen.
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