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The purpose of the experiment reported here was designed to measure the asymmetry of wattle characteristics and related growth and reproductive traits in lines of chickens selected for high and low antibodies to SRBC and in sublines where selection was relaxed.
Rather, strategy may be interpreted as the generation and exploitation of asymmetry for the purposes of the war.
Importance of this study is to show the financial analysts, investors and other users of accounting information empirically that asymmetry of information and financial clearness can influence the capital cost.
No significant differences were found between the contralateral and amputated limbs within the CRANK condition, indicating that the shortened crank arm did minimize kinematic asymmetry (Figure 2).
Occasionally, a patient may experience asymmetry due to poorly placed implants.
Computed tomography (CT) was obtained, and it showed that the asymmetry was attributable to the absence of a right-sided SCM; the left side of the neck was completely normal (figure).
The open question is whether a common genetic recipe leads to brain asymmetry across species, Vallortigara says.
Most studies have reported a vertical asymmetry with higher gain for upward stimulus motion, as seen in other frontally eyed animals.
We compared antler size and asymmetry measurements from Isle Royale moose that died of natural causes to measurements available for other regional moose populations in published literature.
All people have usually higher or lower asymmetry of skeletal muscles, because of scoliosis, posture dysfunctions, improper training, some diseases, and cerebral palsy (CP).
To determine whether the eclipse asymmetry affects eclipse contact times calculated to an apparent accuracy of 6 seconds requires accurate calculation.
One theory is that a process shortly after the birth of the universe led to the asymmetry, but a necessary condition for this is the violation of charge-parity (or CP) symmetry.
This paper is a systematic literature review on information asymmetry in light of two perspectives: (1) A large firm is more efficient at minimizing information asymmetry and (2) A small firm is more efficient at minimizing information asymmetry.
In this case, both aircraft were loaded with more than 33,000 foot-pounds of asymmetry with a NATOPS limit of 29,000.