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in an asymmetrical manner

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18] The right and the left autonomic nerves are asymmetrically distributed over the ventricles.
Follow-up CT angiography showed the asymmetrically enlarged right IJV measuring 25 x 15 mm at its largest dimension and causing erosion of the hypotympanum (figure 2).
The negative shapes need to also be balanced asymmetrically.
The dresses that use solid colours, bore wave stitches or undulating seams showing water movement, like the gray felt dress infused with white felt and gray alligator sewn asymmetrically to create a wavy pattern.
Of course, we will have to respond asymmetrically if the new sanctions are related to energy and further limits our financial sector, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday.
The windows dotting the white brick and concrete facade are arrayed asymmetrically, as they would have been on an 18th-century farmhouse.
Should the English accept being second class citizens in this asymmetrically devolved UK, where they constitute 85% of the population?
Specific topics include: smiling babies, the asymmetrically sexual overtones of smiles between men and women, smiling as a service, and smiling for cameras in an age of networked image-sharing.
The sweetheart bridal gown had an asymmetrically pleated bustline and bodice to the dropped waistline.
The government would have us believe that a rebranded council leader, chosen by just a third of the 'metro' population and positioned asymmetrically above a council, alongside five indirectly elected council leaders and below an unelected Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership chair and a directly elected Merseyside police commissioner, will somehow enhance local democracy and transform the Liverpool City Region into a lean, mean international machine.
Hang them asymmetrically at different heights to lend a creative touch.
However, they actually were loaded asymmetrically, with the left side bomb loaded on the inboard station.
Well, the practice part still holds, but it turns out that some of today's bowling balls contain asymmetrically shaped cores that help bowlers achieve exactly the rotation and spin necessary to hit that sweet spot.
10 For rear seat comfort, Exeo caters for three while the asymmetrically split bench can be folded flat one or two thirds to increase carrying space when required.
Our results highlight that laws protecting the interests of different types of investors asymmetrically affect foreign stakeholders and, more specifically, that foreign portfolio investors more highly value corporate governance practices that are risk-reducing than do domestic investors.