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Synonyms for asymmetric

not straight, uniform, or symmetrical

Synonyms for asymmetric

characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components


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Henceforth, (X, d) shall be an asymmetric metric space.
From the finite element results it was found that asymmetric bevel gears has lower values of contact stress with higher pressure angle on drive side than that of the coast side.
The authors' research developed on the asymmetric gears has five important stages what will be shortly presented as follows:
Then how does Western capitalism deal with the problem of asymmetric information?
The book provides an illuminating commentary of Afghanistan's wars and examines the relevance of these conflicts to the modern-day challenge of counterinsurgency and asymmetric warfare.
An asymmetric directive was sometimes interpreted as a license for the chairman to hike rates or lower them between FOMC meetings.
The methylene asymmetric stretch peaks at 2,912 [cm.
In this article, we reported on seven patients, all of whom had asymmetric weakness without sensory loss, which evolved acutely over the course of several hours.
In December 2000, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) issued a report, Global Trends 2015, identifying asymmetric threats, such as the Cole attack, as the wave of the future.
For edgy glam with a twist, be bold in asymmetric black and neon brights.
VDSL technology combines the cost-effectiveness of widespread copper wire infrastructure and the high speed of fiber optics to provide transmission speeds of up to 70 mbps downstream and 40 mbps upstream--up to 10 times faster than traditional Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) transmission.
More recently, al Qaeda used asymmetric warfare against the United States; instead of attacking "hard" targets, like military installations, the terrorists bypassed the conventional battlefield entirely, striking directly at civilian targets to spread terror and hurt the economy.
The literature on economics of information and libraries may consist of the following areas: asymmetric information (e.
The briefing team included NPS Assistant Professor of National Security Affairs Peter Lavoy, who focused on asymmetric conflict-involving creative, low-cost threats by terrorists and other nonstate actors against conventionally armed states-and the threat and potential responses to use of weapons of mass destruction.
The second, more interesting, idea pulled from the Soviets is that of asymmetric warfare.