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The center will also place emphasis on business astuteness, in reflection of Atallah's values and career path, as well as promote integrity in personal behavior and leadership.
As a chronicler, Koeppen had a winning combination of empirical astuteness and creative brio.
Many stories and novels have been written on her political and diplomatic astuteness
Gaffin inspired countless people from all walks of life with her youthful zest for living, her persistence in the face of physical challenges, her astuteness, her unflagging curiosity, and her kindness.
Encouragingly, Harley uses his whip as a last resort, relying on his tactical astuteness rather than the whip.
The Free Egyptians Party launched a fierce attack Wednesday during its inaugural ceremony against the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP, accusing them of "political fraud, lack of political astuteness and helplessness.
Frank was not really politically astute and it required a lot of political astuteness.
In China elephants symbolise strength, astuteness and happiness and they were often carved in statues or painted.
Her youthful energy and humor, her leadership and organizational abilities, and her political astuteness come to the fore as these texts show her writing, producing, and starring in elaborate dramas that respond to tensions within her community and world.
He said it was the vision and political astuteness of Benazir Bhutto that she forced a dictator to come to table and let the exiled leaders of political parties come back to country.
It also explains and highlights the genius of Lincoln because even his political enemies write amazing things about his political and personal astuteness.
In this respect Clr Peter McBride is like all others who lead our council these days without a modicum of financial astuteness between them.
Shields' personality and the astuteness of her teaching philosophy.
Chambers also ranks individual attorneys based upon technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, commitment, and other qualities most valued by clients.
However, it emerged yesterday that the business astuteness Murcutt boasts about leaves a lot to be desired.