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Synonyms for astute

Synonyms for astute

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for astute

marked by practical hardheaded intelligence


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No wonder those astute and ancient enemies of his had passed it by.
A great part of the altered demeanour and popularity of Sir Pitt Crawley might have been traced to the counsels of that astute little lady of Curzon Street.
He was moderately reassured however, by the aspect of that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affected humility.
D'Artagnan smiled -- he was just the man to understand the astute Italian.
But David, you perceive, had reckoned without his host, or, to speak more precisely, without his idiot brother--an item of so uncertain and fluctuating a character, that I doubt whether he would not have puzzled the astute heroes of M.
and immediately he added the remark with urbane playfulness that Ulysses was an astute person.
Her object attained in astute secrecy, the heroic old woman had made a clean breast of it to Mrs Verloc.
Finance secretary Mark Drakeford revealed the Swansea University's ASTUTE 2020 scheme, which is backed by PS4m of EU funding, will help to establish more research collaborations between participating Welsh universities and companies to address future manufacturing challenges and opportunities.
The submarine, named Agamemnon, is part of the Astute Class, the largest, most advanced and most powerful attack submarines ever to enter service with the Royal Navy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 14, 2017-Ortho Clinical expands NephroCheck test global agreement with Astute Medical
M2 PHARMA-March 14, 2017-Ortho Clinical expands NephroCheck test global agreement with Astute Medical
Astute Solutions, makers of smart customer engagement software has recently released Command Center, a new analytics dashboard within their Astute Social software that shows comprehensive social media data in real time.
CROWDS lined the streets of New Brighton for a parade by crew and cadets of HM Astute and Wallasey Sea Cadets as they received Wirral's highest honour - the Freedom of the Borough.
Customer service agents can handle as many as 10,000 social media interactions per month, thanks to Astute SRM, a social media management tool from Astute Solutions.
ASTUTE (Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) is a PS27m project part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) delivered through Welsh Government that has already supported more than 250 Welsh enterprises in West Wales and the Valleys, helping them toward long term sustainability and competitiveness through the implementation of advanced technologies and improved manufacturing processes.