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the branch of astronomy that deals with the measurement of the position and motion of celestial bodies

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5x barlow lens giving a focal length of 3 000 mm, mounted on Skywatcher HEQ5 GOTO equatorial mount and a Meade Astrometric eyepiece.
Two further positions were reported to the Minor Planet Center, where astrometric observations for distant artificial satellites are collated.
Astrometric differential comparison of the objects in the images will allow the detection of any object(s) moving across the sky at velocities differing from the background stars.
The ESA launched the Hipparcos astrometric satellite which measured distances to stars with unheard of accuracy for the time.
Other subjects detailed are coordinated instruments for source detection and characterization, redshift determination algorithms for broadband spectroscopic data, monitoring phase calibrators at submillimeter wavelengths, dense gas at high redshifts, astrometric imaging of high redshift galaxies at 345 GHz, and tracing the evolution of disk galaxies with galactic structures and gas kinematics.
The ILS was replaced in 1962 by IPMS that coordinated the astrometric observations of time and latitude at several tens of stations all over the world.
In 1978, photoplates taken with a 61-inch astrometric reflector telescope at the Flagstaff station led to the discovery of a moon circling the planet Pluto.
Astrometric measurements, unlike the Doppler method, determine the orientation of an orbiting body and can therefore gauge its true mass.
New from Astrometric Instruments comes the PrimeTCS-i telescope controller for equatorial or alt-azimuth telescopes (starting at $3,495).
CNMOC, comprised of approximately 2,500 globally distributed military and civilian personnel, is responsible for the collection, processing and exploitation of accurate, relevant and timely oceanographic, meteorological, hydrographic, precise time and astrometric information.
Contract Awarded for Production of Geodetic and Astrometric data
20 and posted on the NEOCP was found by other astrometric observers to be cometary on their CCD images.
Magda Streicher has set up and calibrated the Meade Astrometric eyepiece on the 400mm SCT and has started a formal programme of double star measurement, concentrating on one constellation at a time.