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Synonyms for astrology

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In astrology terminology it is a grade that is considered at the time of birth or happening of an event and the astrologists predict the fame of the new born.
Still another group of researchers holds the view that thousands of years ago the ancient Central American astrologists predicted the shocking case of judge Markovska in the Bulgarian judiciary, and on top of that they picked December 21, 2012, as the day for the end of the world to prevent the election of a new "same-old" Chief Prosecutor in Bulgaria.
The burden of the forecast made by the astrologists about December, 21 as day of judgment fell on governor Punjab Latif Khosa and this day virtually cane as dooms day for him", he said this while talking to media men in his chamber on Friday.
Psychologists and astrologists will also study the effects of the eclipse on humans as natural phenomena such as eclipses are known for provoking strong emotional responses, while thousands more umbraphiles [eclipse chasers] will line the beaches of the region, including one who will experience his 52nd eclipse.
Furthermore, Al-Ojairi played a role in establishing his teaching a new generation of astrologists and researchers, which boosted the performance of the weather forecast team that works closely with civil aviation.
For astrologists, 108 is the distance from the Moon to the Earth, divided by the diameter of the Moon, and the distance of the Sun from the Earth divided by the diameter of the Sun, in kilometers, and it is 20 times the diameter of the Moon in miles.
The debt-burdened country, with its government looking for new tax sources to reduce the public deficit, has identified the formerly free professions of witches, fortunetellers, astrologists, clairvoyants and similar occupations as "real jobs" and wants them to apply for a tax file number.
11) It situates black female mediums, astrologists, numerologists, and spiritual advisors within Harlem's informal economy and underworld of commercial leisure.
Astrologists have latched on to this date and say it is the official end of the Age of the Fish and the start of the Age of Water.
At the 13th-century observatory in Maragha in Iran, the exhibition notes, astrologists developed new models for understanding the universe which helped pave the way for Copernicus' ideas of a sun-centered solar system in 1543.
At this week's IGD conference, the industry attempted to answer questions normally addressed by economists, soothsayers and astrologists.
The Dodgers have lost 22 of their past 35 and are only still involved in a pennant race because the entire NL West, as astrologists say, is in retrograde (moving backwards).
Fortune-tellers, astrologists and other mediums are among those opposing the new laws, saying they will be forced to tell customers that they are offering "entertainment only" and their work is not "experimentally proven".
Clairvoyants, tarot card readers and astrologists will be just some of those offering guidance and insight at the event which will take place at Arden Hall, Water Orton road, Castle Bromwich.
This nonparanormal explanation might be attributed to the work of palm readers, astrologists, tarot readers, clairvoyants, tea leaves readers, spirit mediums and any other individual who conveys an impression of paranormal powers when working with a client.