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the branch of astronomy that studies the motion of natural and artificial bodies in space

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The Jer-Nan Juang Astrodynamics Symposium (2012: College Station, Texas) Ed.
50 Years of Satellite Tracking and Cataloging in the US," AAS 07-328, AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference (Mackinac Island, Michigan), Aug.
The question of the stability of the solar system is probably the most famous longstanding problem in astrodynamics.
With SwRI offering non-recurring engineering and expertise along with high reliability fabrication and test facilities, clients are able to focus resources on integration, systems engineering and astrodynamics.
Astrodynamics 2015: Proceedings of the AAS/AIAA Astrodymics Specialist Conference; 4 volume set (CD-ROM included)
Contract Awarded for Astrodynamics research and development for ssa and bmc2
According to Continuing Kepler's Quest: Assessing Air Force Space Command's Astrodynamics Standards, "The committee [for the Assessment of the US Air Force's Astrodynamic Standards] believes that the primary limitation in the current system for objects not experiencing significant drag is not the accuracy of the algorithms, but rather the quantity and the quality of the sensor tracking data.
Question from the audience: "How do you see your Air Force Space Command Astrodynamics Innovation Committee, their role in help solving problems related to SSA.
The 76 papers discuss matters in the areas of national and international space programs, astrodynamics, guidance, navigation and control, and space robotics; satellite communications, broadcasting, and on-orbit and ground support systems; Earth observations, small and micro satellite missions, and constellations; human space flight, the space station, Pacific space ports, and lunar manned explorations; materials and space structures; space transportation and propulsion, fluid dynamics, and aerothermodynamics; current and future space utilization; and space exploration systems.
A January 2008 meeting on space flight mechanics and astrodynamics brought together about 190 attendees, including engineers, scientists, and mathematicians representing government agencies, the military, industry, and academia in the US and abroad.
He duties then included mission planning activities for satellite systems, the development of the astrodynamics department top-level SDI engagement simulation, and he supported several GPS satellite launches as a technical advisor.
In addition, the University of Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research plans to analyze data to determine the effect of the orbital environment on the payload.
Among the discussions are dynamical systems and trajectory design, orbital dynamics and estimation, launch and reentry operations, asteroid and cometary missions, attitude determination and sensors, low-thrust trajectory design, astrodynamic innovation and data sharing, small body proximity operations, spacecraft guidance and control, astrodynamics techniques, CubeSat and NanoSat missions, flight mechanics aspects of the LADEE Mission, attitude dynamics and control, orbit determination, and dynamics and control of large space structures and tethers.