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Synonyms for astringent

Synonyms for astringent

Synonyms for astringent

a drug that causes contraction of body tissues and canals

sour or bitter in taste


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tending to draw together or constrict soft organic tissue

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Other introductions now competing for shelf space are Mint Julep astringent skin cleanser from General Therapeutics Inc.
The taste of sour means like a lemon, and it can include astringent plants as well.
The refreshing fluid deep cleanses, removes make- up and tones all skin types, but unlike many harsh astringent cleansers it locks moisture into the skin's surface.
Also has an astringent, peppery kick to keep your gums gagging for more of this gutsy glugger.
The particular edge to Fass-binder's films came from the uneasy marriage of his astringent cinematic style and his penchant for melodrama, borrowed from such Hollywood directors as Douglas Sirk (Magnificent Obsession).
Slightly astringent and antiseptic, the plant extract long ago found favor with the medical luminary Hippocrates, who prescribed it for mouth sores.
The reportorial stance here is one of relaxed, often seemingly egoless suavity, sanguine and judiciously observant, yet full of the raking angles and astringent detail that bespeak a flaneur engage.
The line includes a cleansing lotion and moisturizer in one, foaming cleanser and toner in one, a cleansing bar with moisturizing complex, an oil controlling cleansing bar with astringent, and a low-alcohol astringent.
The bitter coffee flavour lingers in the mouth for a while after drinking, giving a somewhat astringent aftertaste.
is native to southern China and is highly prized for its astringent, analgesic, stomachic and fortifying properties.
1 large bottle of Witch Hazel: made from the leaves, twigs and bark of the Witch hazel tree; has astringent properties that help reduce inflammation
Real World: Lost Season'' begins like a particularly cagey ``MADtv'' sketch - the bimbo/aspirant star, the virgin, the sensitive artist, the dull guy, the astringent politico all heed the call and indulge in their particular brands of extravagant behavior.
Refreshingly astringent, it needs to be to balance the depth of rich, menthol/eucalyptus fruit on offer.
Efficient, but perhaps too astringent for sensitive skins.
Most of the program had the astringent look of deconstruction.