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the ability to contract or draw together soft body tissues to check blood flow or restrict secretion of fluids


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Astringency is a tactile sensation mainly elicited by the precipitation of salivary proteins that cause the mouth to feel dry.
Twenty subjects trained to recognize and rate astringency participated in one test session in which they were presented with six test solutions.
Since his practice is obliquely positioned relative to that of his peers--whether the lyrical gesturalism of Hans Hartung, the performative monochromy of Yves Klein, or the ludic astringency of BMPT (Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni)--Barre's role in a history of postwar art is at once foundational and perversely, perhaps purposefully, slight.
so furred with astringency that the roof cleaves, the throat
The mild astringency of the cheese is the perfect partner for sauvignon, served with a fresh salad as a starter, grilled with a warm salad for a main course, or even served as a cheese course after some delicious new season's Welsh lamb.
The children were enthralled while I somewhat carefully let my teeth sink in to release the astringency, this juice that is both sweet and tart.
Removing astringency by carbon dioxide and nitrogen enriched atmospheres in persimmon fruit cv.
Its well-balanced character results from its rich hop aroma and delicate astringency.
could have used a little more of its hurtling astringency.
Dutch conductor Lawrence Renes could hardly have had a more auspicious SO debut, inspiring a voluptuous performance from the orchestra that brought Strauss's potent blend of astringency and romantic poignancy to a rolling boil while always allowing the singers to be heard.
A slight astringency, a mild, bitter finish and the aroma of herbal tea are enhanced by woodiness to round out the complex and appealing taste that chrysanthemum flower achieves, according to the company.
99 at Sainsbury) is a deep plummy colour with a lovely ripe cherry and plum smell and taste, with just a little astringency, so typical of the grape.
Add banana blossom and simmer 25 minutes to remove astringency.