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Synonyms for astragal

the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint

a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

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Pushing on the vertical rod device retracts the latches from the frame and the floor, allowing that door to open and the astragal to move the door with the mortise lock.
An example is an exit device and automatic flush bolts or two exit devices and an overlapping astragal.
Normally, an astragal is put in when a pair of fire doors are installed, because many fire doors require the protection of an overlapping astragal to pass the test for a three-hour fire label.
Period features in the A-listed property include a pillared entrance and astragal windows, while modern home comforts are catered for with full gas central heating, a well-fitted kitchen, en suite bathrooms and burglar alarm.
Astragal has architectural bands that extend both on the front and the back of the handle.
Located on the second floor of a former townhouse in the A-listed Royal Terrace, many of the period features have been preserved, including the astragal windows, shutters, plasterwork and a feature fireplace.
Cardano treats games of chance using dice, astragals (or knucklebones), and playing cards; in the case of cards, he focuses mainly on the game primero.
While eliminating all flying insects from exterior environments is impossible, the chance of their introduction can be limited through structural soundness--removing gaps under and around doors with door sweeps and astragals, installing air curtains above entryways that deter flies by producing constant air flow, and having engineers ensure that doors produce positive air flow, pushing it out of the building rather than pulling it in.
Rockford Products provides a complete line of lite kits, vision grills, astragals, anchors and other door component parts.
Most electric lock manufacturers provide devices with a choice of finishes to match or compliment the finish of existing door hardware (for example, knobs, handles, hinges, kick plates, astragals, and frames).