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with one leg on each side


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Besides reshaping the meaning of the subject, which is the residue or leftover when desires as forces go astraddle over each other (88), they also argue that the desiring machine "is related to a continual material flow (hyle) that it cuts into" (36) and wherever desires pass through organs, these organs are free to diminish their original functions and attach themselves to new ones and become bodies without organs (9).
And then he was astraddle her, punching her over and over again, and it was too late to scream.
You dance on the angle of the roof, and he sits astraddle of the ridge, saying, stop it, and then you hear it before you see it, and the train is finally coming, the orange locomotive shrieking at every startled intersection.
The oft-told stories of birds getting up when a hunter is astraddle a fence or has stopped to relieve bladder pressure aren't a tribute to gamebird canniness.
Yu stops just short of presenting a film adaptation of Darger's paintings or prose, and allows her documentary to reside astraddle the line between fiction and nonfiction in its efforts to represent an absent subject.
Another meaning for Sepit Api Bejari Ragang Ragang (42) is to describe a scorpion moving astraddle with its claws.
I remember a Geographic picture, the 9 women of some African chief semi-naked astraddle a log, an official log to be presumed, heads left (13)
Describing Thackeray as a writer who "satirized the society in which he moved and held up to ridicule the hollow hypocrisy of his neighbors," he immediately noted the hostility such works would encounter in Harris's homeland: "The Southern Thackeray of the future will doubtless be surprised to learn that if he had put in an appearance half a century earlier he would probably have been escorted beyond the limits of our Southern clime astraddle of a rail.
Now, them ole mountain hogs has got awful hard heads and afore I knowed hit, he done knocked me plumb off'n that lim and I landed smack dab astraddle of his back.
Platonists pictured him, a creature astraddle two horses, one galloping
At the same time, she was astraddle the body of the train, a primary symbol of masculinity.
Turns out that Fishlake National Forest, astraddle the western Rockies 150 miles south of Salt Lake City, had grown a clone to end all clones.
Glottochronology and comparative linguistic research among the Northern Iroquoians suggest that their historic distribution overlaps that of their probable "homeland": the northern Appalachian Plateau region of north-central Pennsylvania and south-central New York, and astraddle divides between major riverine systems draining toward the southwest, southeast, and northeast (Lounsbury 1978).
The last category in the power sports market involves personal watercraft, which refers to a small, jet powered craft ridden astraddle, for individual use in water.
In this case the gap doesn't exist because your partner will be standing on the left line astraddle the service marker.