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in an amazing manner

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Hyde' (1886), a unique and astonishingly powerful moral lesson in the form of a thrilling little romance which strangely anticipates the later discoveries of psychology, made in its different way a still stronger impression.
The white-headed boy then put an open book, astonishingly dog's-eared upon his knees, and thrusting his hands into his pockets began counting the marbles with which they were filled; displaying in the expression of his face a remarkable capacity of totally abstracting his mind from the spelling on which his eyes were fixed.
It was spread with a couple of small mattresses and some pillows; a box near by was plentifully stored with candles, provisions, and all the clothing necessary to their journey, which Cassy had arranged into bundles of an astonishingly small compass.
Elphinstone--that was the name of the woman in white--would listen to no reasoning, and kept calling upon "George"; but her sister-in-law was astonishingly quiet and deliberate, and at last agreed to my brother's suggestion.
She wasn't, however, going to be better-off for it, as HE was - and so astonishingly much: nothing was now likely, he knew, ever to make her better-off than she found herself, in the afternoon of life, as the delicately frugal possessor and tenant of the small house in Irving Place to which she had subtly managed to cling through her almost unbroken New York career.
This time, instead of seeming vague as ghosts, each word was astonishingly prominent; they came out as the tops of mountains come through a mist.
Certainly, small feet and perfectly turned shoulders aid the impression of refined manners, and the right thing said seems quite astonishingly right when it is accompanied with exquisite curves of lip and eyelid.
Those whose hearts are set, are most astonishingly easy to fool.
I have had astonishingly kind messages from some astonishingly kind people.
With the engine in the back, it is astonishingly manoeuvrable and delivers excellent fuel economy from either a 1.
But these are minor flaws in an astonishingly good game.
London, July 16 (ANI): A teacher in Britain who made racist comments and branded US President Barack Obama a n*** in front of a class of children as young as 15 has astonishingly been allowed to go back into the classroom.
Sir Philip told Radio 4 that "bankers' pay continues to be astonishingly high", adding: "If we don't pay our top people they leave very quickly.
Yet, astonishingly, on Thursday morning, council workers were out watering the plant displays at Aikenhead Road, next to Hampden.
Astonishingly, an examination showed no obvious signs of injury.