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Synonyms for astomatous

having no mouth or mouthlike opening



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They include only two astomatous fishes, reported herein for the first time; a smallmouth buffalo, Ictiobus bubalus and a common carp, Cyprinus carpio.
The astomatous buffalo, measures 408 mm total length (TL), 314 mm standard length (SL) and weighs 794 grams.
Smaller specimens of normal buffalo (381-405 mm TL) typically weigh more than the astomatous specimen (794-848 g) and may weigh in excess of 1000 g (Carlander 1969).
The astomatous common carp, 351 mm TL, 256 mm SL, 340.
Common carp with oral atresia are known from European waters, but only a single astomatous individual is reported from North America; that specimen is similar to NLU 56744 but lacks additional skull bones, nostril, and right eye (Menzel 1974).