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An inquest heard how 21-year-old Tuan Anh Nguyen was found propped up against a wall on Lynton Avenue, in Springwood, after suffering an asthma attack.
When the alarm was raised, the mystery caller said he thought Mr Le was having an asthma attack.
An inquest into the death of Samuel Linton from Stockport, who died of an asthma attack he experienced whilst at school, delivered a verdict as 'death by natural causes, contributed to significantly by neglect'.
Last summer, Loretta Mitchell's daughter, London, had an asthma attack.
The charity has launched a new Asthma Attack Card to explain what people should do to help someone suffering an asthma attack to cut the number of unnecessary deaths.
They help relax the muscles that squeeze airways shut during an asthma attack.
He was trying to fetch a shoe which had been thrown onto the school roof on Friday but slipped from the railings and his fall triggered an asthma attack.
To simulate an asthma attack, Ressler grew airway cells from rats in a culture dish and then applied air pressure to mimic muscle tightening.
Grilling and cooking fumes can trigger an asthma attack.
When symptoms get more intense and/or more symptoms occur, you're having an asthma attack.
Washington, Dec 13 (ANI): Adhering to medication as per prescription can prevent one-quarter of severe asthma attacks, a new study has suggested.
A quarter of 11 to 16-year-olds have had to cope with someone having an asthma attack and a third have dealt with a head injury.
A When someone has an asthma attack, the muscles of the air passages in the lungs go into spasm.
Former baggage handler Smeato, 32, was in intensive care after suffering a serious asthma attack.
Charity Asthma UK wants all severe sufferers to carry an Asthma Attack Card with them at all times, so people around them know what to do if they worst happens.