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a tiredness of the eyes caused by prolonged close work by a person with an uncorrected vision problem

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Practitioners should be aware of the potential for vertical prismatic effect when selecting which toric designs to prescribe, particularly for monocular astigmats with preexisting binocular vision anomalies, and when managing complaints of asthenopia in monocular astigmats.
Asthenopia is seldom serious and usually improves with rest, limiting prolonged reading and near work on computers or digital devices, as well as using computer-specific glasses.
Effect on asthenopia of high-crocetin-content Gardenia jasminoides Ellis extraction.
This leads to eyestrain, which in medical terms is called asthenopia, or painful vision.
Adaptation to prism-induced heterophoria in subjects with abnormal binocular vision or asthenopia.
Mr Frackiewicz went on to explain why asthenopia and diplopia develop, with reference to Panum's fusion space and corresponding retinal area.
Moreover, in a previous human clinical trial conducted to assess the effect on asthenopia, crocetin was reported to improve not only asthenopia, but also the subjective symptoms related to sleep (Kajita et al.
Researchers also suggest that astaxanthin supplementation may slow the progression of presbyopia and improve asthenopia (eye fatigue).
Although the basic measure for presbyopia is to wear glasses, the researchers also suggest that astaxanthin supplementation may slow down the progression of presbyopia and improve asthenopia (eye fatigue).
Eye fatigue, or asthenopia, is an eye condition characterized by several symptoms including eye weakness, eye irritation, and poor accommodation.