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Synonyms for asthenic

lacking strength or vigor

having a slender physique

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New data on the therapy of asthenic conditions (clinical prospects for the use of Rhodiola extract).
In the integrated analysis, the most commonly reported adverse events were asthenic conditions (including fatigue, malaise, and weakness) (64%), nausea (55%), diarrhea (52%), constipation (41%), peripheral neuropathy NEC (including peripheral sensory neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy aggravated) (39%), thrombocytopenia and appetite decreased (including anorexia) (each 36%), pyrexia (34%), vomiting (33%), and anemia (29%).
Attention deficit disorder (without hyperactivity), anxiety-depressive disorders as well as asthenic symptoms were observed most frequently.
3 mg/m2/dose in phase II studies, the most commonly reported adverse events were asthenic conditions (65%), nausea (64%), diarrhea (51%), decreased appetite including anorexia (43%), constipation (43%), thrombocytopenia (43%), peripheral neuropathy (37%), pyrexia (36%), vomiting (36%), and anemia (32%).
He added that a further study has shown that ginkgo bibba may help attention characteristics, short term visual memory, operational components and integral operator performance index in patients with asthenic disorders.