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Synonyms for asteroid


Synonyms for asteroid

any of numerous small celestial bodies composed of rock and metal that move around the sun (mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter)

shaped like a star


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If u and v are two vertices unrelated with respect to w in G, then u, v and w form an asteroidal triple in G.
No existe Gold estandar para el diagnostico, sin embargo, en algunos casos pueden observarse las levaduras por microscopia directa, puede aislarse en agar sabouraud y en medios de cultivo enriquecidos; histopatologicamente se observa la disposicion de las levaduras de forma concentrica, rodeado por un halo de eosinofilos lo que conforma el fenomeno de cuerpo asteroidal.
Speakers will present a range of research topics, including mature space transportation, extraterrestrial prospecting, lunar and asteroidal manufacturing processes, robotics and tele-operations, closed environment life support systems, space solar power and energy, and off-planet property rights.
Laboratory simulation of pelagic asteroidal impact: Atmospheric injection, benthic topography, and the surface wave radiation field.
In fiction at least (and probably not in fact) they can more or less survive on yeasts cultivated in tanks that are fuelled from asteroidal debris.
Now, we're investigating the architecture of the inner asteroidal regions" around stars.
For years we've been studying Kuiper belt-like disks; now, we're investigating the architecture of the inner asteroidal regions" around stars.
It is certain that these meteorites came from a single source because they all have similar ratios of the oxygen isotopes--values distinct from terrestrial, lunar, or asteroidal ratios.
One passage, referred to as Kuiper, describes the discovery of the Kuiper Belt of asteroidal material beyond the orbits of Pluto and Uranus (Luu and Jewitt 1996).
If the asteroid hit land, a haze of dust and asteroidal sulfates would enshroud the entire stratosphere.
Diosgenin is asteroidal saponin, which is extracted from the root of wild yam (Dioscorea villosa).
The hoist of comet dust will be stored aboard a reentry capsule and delivered by parachute in January 2006, only days before Japan's Muses-C delivers its own cargo of asteroidal material.
It used to be called the Asteroidal Truck Stop Cafe, and in the days before that business went bust, the joint was bustling.
Alternatively, it could be a fused pile of interplanetary debris left over from earlier asteroidal collisions.