asteroid belt

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the region of interplanetary space between Mars and Jupiter where most asteroids are found

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And Musk's Roadster became the fastest car ever, hurtling off the planet and zooming away on a route that will now take it all the way to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
The new orbit will now take the car through the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter before circling back toward the Earth's orbit.
The PLATO Society of Los Angeles presents a COLLOQUIUM: To Boldly Go: NASA's Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt by Marc Rayman, Mission Director of the Dawn Mission at JPL and NASA.
It's hard to say where that is, but we do know that before it reached Earth, the meteorite came from a place in the asteroid belt inward from Vesta, according to scientific projections.
Polishook's team then used numerical simulations to show that the olivine-rich Eureka cluster is more likely to have originated from Mars than to have been randomly captured from the asteroid belt.
With the help of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, a German-led group of astronomers have observed the intriguing characteristics of an unusual type of object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: two asteroids orbiting each other and exhibiting comet-like features, including a bright coma and a long tail.
Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt was deemed large enough to be reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006.
The result is an independent check on other estimates for the moon's age, and it suggests that the asteroid belt can provide important clues to the timing and nature of major events in the inner solar system when planets were forming.
On Friday, the NASA space probe Dawn entered orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt.
Recent images show numerous craters and unusual bright spots that scientists believe tell how Ceres, the first object discovered in our solar system s asteroid belt, formed and whether its surface is changing.
The Rosetta probe completed a journey that took it four billion miles across the asteroid belt and more than five times the Earth's distance from the Sun.
23 ( ANI ): Scientists using the Herschel space observatory have detected water vapor on the largest and roundest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres.
Lindley Johnson: Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 were, you know, the first two spacecraft to actually cross the asteroid belt.
This meteor almost certainly came from the asteroid belt, which is between Mars and Jupiter.
Astronomers believe YU 55 has been visiting Earth for thousands of years, nudged out of the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter after a gravitational elbowing by Jupiter.