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(mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light

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(astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation)

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As you might suspect from its appearance, NGC 358 is most likely an asterism rather a cluster.
when oracle bone inscriptions mention asterisms later marking the quadrants of the year, such as the "Bird star" identified with the later "Red Bird.
0) Dec Streicher 65 Asterism 20h32m5 -45[degrees]18' NGC 7038 Galaxy 21 15 2 -47 13 NGC 7038A Galaxy 21 15 4 -47 37 NGC 7041 Galaxy 21 16 5 -48 22 NGC 7041A Galaxy 21 18 3 -48 24 NGC 7041B Galaxy 21 17 8 -48 24 NGC 7049 Galaxy 21 19 3 -48 34 ESO 236-SC07 Open Cluster 21 21 5 -51 49 NGC 7090 Galaxy 21 36 5 -54 33 NGC 7140/41 Galaxy 21 52 2 -55 34 NGC 7205 Galaxy 22 08 5 -57 25 NGC 7205A Galaxy 22 07 5 -57 27 HD 209295 Star 21 36 5 -54 33 Object Mag.
The less-well known area of Corona Borealis just above the crown asterism lays claim to three superb double stars that look great in small scopes powered up to around 50x.
Let's take a look at some of the asterisms that populate the sky at this time of the year, sticking to those that are noteworthy for the images they've evoked.
Even the humble mopani worm is pressed into service to illustrate one of Magda's own asterisms.
The earliest such metaphorical use of stars or asterisms occurs in ode no.
Both are embedded in a vaguely bat-shaped asterism of a half dozen fifth- and sixth-magnitude stars.
Asterisms in various forms are among the most interesting groupings and searching for them in the star-field is most rewarding.
Unlike true star clusters, asterisms are chance alignments of stars that are not physically related.
Nogues' proposal that the earliest Arabic variant of the 28 anwa asterisms stems from Yemen is interesting, but difficult to prove.
When exploring rich galaxy clusters, the observer is tempted to ignore the stars and navigate imagined shapes made of galaxies alone; galerisms replace the asterisms.
Exciting" is the word when asterisms are found in many forms that represent images of sorts.
Granted, the general public might have started using these names later, but both asterisms have been around for at least 75 years.
Searching for asterisms, I could hardly believe my eyes when I stumbled across a small miracle in the far south-western corner of the constellation.