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(mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light

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(astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation)

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ytha, which the Maitrayani Samhita (2,13,20) ascribes to Varuna, may have represented the mouth of the heavenly crocodile discussed below; mukha 'mouth' also denotes 'beginning' and is used of the first asterism.
The sapphire exhibits an optical property known as asterism," says Kimberly Tait, the ROM's associate curator of mineralogy, "a visual 'star effect' that follows you as you move around the stone.
Spiral-bound to permit this exceptionally practical reference and guide to be laid out flat, special symbols are employed to aid in identifying particular objects, stars, double stars, and asterism.
jp) CPM [R], president of Tokyo-based Asterism Archer, Inc.
Added to the openly heretical and anti-Christian polemic that is such a notable aspect of Bruno's dialogue, Carew's choice of source, in Kerrigan's opinion, hardly promises "a celebration of that royal asterism, the King as Defender of the Faith.
1819) After a night of whisk and brag and gin and water At Rice's cardplaying club on Poland Street, Coming out before dawn under the lyric stars, Vega conspicuous at the point of the Lyre A five o'clock of a summer morning encompassing 286 square degrees of the London Arabic sky, The whole fate drama hoving into view, While the slow making of souls of overshadows Every thing--in this vale of sorrows and of The stubborn drive to find something outside The frail shell of ourselves and our concerns With which we might identify-- The burden of the mystery producing a sharp, acute Light that pierces the drawingroom, the sparring Ring and the cockpit footloose Junkets haunts, Deneb and Altair locked across the dark Sky to form the asterism known as the Summer Triangle
Above Crux is an asterism of four stars making a larger, dimmer cross, the False Cross.
But if all else fails, there is a nice S-shape asterism to be seen just 5' towards the west of the famous Hoag's Object.
It contains seven bright stars that make up an asterism commonly known as the The Plough in this country and The Big Dipper in North America and Asia.
The asterism that we know as the 'Square of Pegasus' is of course something of a misnomer because the top left star is Alpheratz or Alpha Andromedae.
HE has over 100 winners more on the board but champion trainer Richard Hannon is looking over his shoulder at Sir Henry Cecil, who gave him a nudge in the ribs with an across-the-country treble, with Hannon's son-in-law Richard Hughes bringing home the last leg in his former retainer Khalid Abdullah's colours aboard Asterism in the fillies' maiden.
During that night He dances under the asterism of the Arudra star.
A nice V-shaped asterism is situated 30' towards the east of the galaxy.
Just east of Scorpio is Sagittarius, more often depicted as the 'Teapot' asterism rather than as a celestial archer.
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