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(mineralogy) a star-shaped figure with six rays that is seen in some crystal structures under reflected or transmitted light

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(astronomy) a cluster of stars (or a small constellation)

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Close to Berkeley 62, you'll find the binocular asterism Eddie's Coaster, named for Eddie Carpenter, the longtime British observer who first noticed it.
ytha, which the Maitrayani Samhita (2,13,20) ascribes to Varuna, may have represented the mouth of the heavenly crocodile discussed below; mukha 'mouth' also denotes 'beginning' and is used of the first asterism.
1819) After a night of whisk and brag and gin and water At Rice's cardplaying club on Poland Street, Coming out before dawn under the lyric stars, Vega conspicuous at the point of the Lyre A five o'clock of a summer morning encompassing 286 square degrees of the London Arabic sky, The whole fate drama hoving into view, While the slow making of souls of overshadows Every thing--in this vale of sorrows and of The stubborn drive to find something outside The frail shell of ourselves and our concerns With which we might identify-- The burden of the mystery producing a sharp, acute Light that pierces the drawingroom, the sparring Ring and the cockpit footloose Junkets haunts, Deneb and Altair locked across the dark Sky to form the asterism known as the Summer Triangle
My pencil sketch shows the two as seen through the scope and also outlines the asterism.
However, there were no prismatic needle-like inclusions that are typically associated with asterism in sapphire.
A lovely break away from galaxy world is an asterism known only as the HD 4798 group, after the identification of its brightest star.
Vega is the high apex of the big Summer Triangle asterism, which it forms with Deneb and Altair.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Shiji, "Treatise on the Heavenly Offices": "The brightest star of the Pole Star asterism in the Central Palace is the constant abode of the Supreme One.
Both are embedded in a vaguely bat-shaped asterism of a half dozen fifth- and sixth-magnitude stars.
65 ct oval blue cabochon displaying asterism (Figure 25) was submitted to American Gemological Laboratories for a report.
Just 15' east of NGC 6907 is a lovely Asterism contains six colourful stars in a prominent north-south arrow shape, with the brightest star (HD 194412) at magnitude 8.
com or Like Station Avenue Productions and The asterism* Group (see Asterism Group) on Facebook.
The less-well known area of Corona Borealis just above the crown asterism lays claim to three superb double stars that look great in small scopes powered up to around 50x.
In the image of the Metronome asterism (S&T: Nov.
A very fascinating asterism called Jaws accompanies M104 only 25' towards the west.