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For electronic products, assuring access to, and storage of, files is a critical issue.
In facility projects, you'll often see a facility manager as the project leader, assuring that corporate goals are met, end users are satisfied and costs are kept within check.
Teneros Always-Available Hardware(TM) provides 24-hour hardware replacement assuring that both the redundant components and the full appliance hardware are always operational.
The TeleContinuity Network puts its subscribers in total control of their voice recovery while assuring delivery of the highest voice quality through the use of special algorithms that intelligently and dynamically adjust call routing to real time conditions in the public switch telephone network and the public internet.
In addition, True-Time Delay Test is unique in the industry as it constrains pattern generation to the timing capabilities of the tester, assuring its patterns will run the first time in production.
We help them in their challenges of meeting tough SLA agreements and therefore assuring themselves of greater revenue from satisfied customers.